Scottish Holiday – Day 1

We have been planning this for years. Driving around Scotland.

The first time, we visited Scotland, we didn’t have a car, and we did a bus tour. We missed the fun of stopping where ever we fancied and just driving around the highlands.

This time, we had the time and the means. Not going to India in the summer meant that we had loads of time, and husband has loads of holidays accumulated, so we decided to go for it.

Yesterday was the first day. We want this to be a relaxed trip, so took our own sweet time getting out of the house. As we drove past the midlands and moved up north, the landscape slowly turned breathtaking. Different shades of green, dotted with sheep, hillocks and plains, some with little streams making their way through the lush greenery. It made us miss our days in Leeds, when a twenty minute drive would take us into the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. I wish I could post some pictures, but I clicked them all using the camera. I should have taken some with the phone.

We even stopped at the cutest services ever, with a little lake behind it, and a walking trail around it. What a gorgeous little lake it was!

Our holidays are incomplete without bad weather. After the last few weeks of brilliant weather, our hopes were high that, for a change we would have good weather on a holiday. Turns out, we were just too optimistic. The forecast is all bleak. And we got a taste of things to come when we passed through a cloud burst and for about 6-7 minutes, drove blind, there was zero visibility. The only saving grace was that the weather cleared up within minutes.

We reached Glasgow by 6 and decided to relax a but before stepping out for dinner. Now,husband can’t stop singing the praises of Glasgow when it comes to food. The last two years or so, that he has been working here, he and his colleagues have explored all the Indian places, and have found some wonderful places. We set off to one of them, and it was just great. I normally don’t like eating Indian on holiday but it was worth it. Authentic tasting food, and a menu that was so different from the regular stuff we some across. I had planned to take pictures, before we start eating, but all that was forgotten as soon as the food came.

Food sorted, all we could was hit the bed.

Today, we plan to hit Glasgow. No fixed plans, just walking around, soaking in the atmosphere… And taking it as it comes.


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6 responses to “Scottish Holiday – Day 1

  1. Sigh! My comment’s gone 😦

    Sounds awesome Smithu. Hope the weather stays good. U have loads of fun 🙂

  2. Smita

    You should plan a holiday at places where there is drought, it will help the cause you see 😉

    And this post looks so drab without photos..a travelouge and no pics?? Buri baat!!!

    Have fun & keep us posted!

    • I know! That’s what I always say:) But knowing our luck, the temperatures would rise a bit more there:)

      Today, I will remember to take pics with my phone:) Yesterday, I forgot completely.

  3. This is exactly just like our kind of holiday

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