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Day out – Yorkshire Dales

One of the best things about where we live is how easily we can escape into the peace and quiet of the countryside. Five minutes drive from where we are, we could be gazing at sheep grazing away, and green fields which seem to go on and on.

And when we have more than 5 minutes, or half a day, for instance, we can drive off to Yorkshire Dales. Couple of weeks back, we had the most gorgeous weather. Bright sunny days, of the sort that we rarely see here. So in the middle of everything else that we had to do, we decided that all that could wait. Sunny weather needed to be celebrated.  To be honest, I am the lazier one when it comes to dropping everything off and going off for a day out, husband, on the other hand, is super enthusiastic when it comes to stepping out.

Some three years back, we had taken a scenic route to go to the Lake District, and had loved some of the little villages we passed. Husband remembered some names and popped it into the navigation system(oh yes, we are totally dependent on the GPS) and off we went.

Enroute, we came across some fields with a river running through it.

How Green is my Valley?

Isn’t there something old-worldy about this scene? Perhaps something out of an Enid Blyton? A place to park caravans and camp for the night. The river water looked good enough to drink!

There goes the river, meandering through fields and valleys, perhaps with gaping tourists like us, who can’t have enough of it.

Somebody doesn’t look very happy at the sight of us trespassing on her fields!

And we ended the day, with dinner at a cute pub overlooking another stream. Can’t ask for more than that on an impromptu day out, can we?


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