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Scottish Holiday Day 3

We woke up to the pitter-patter of rain. We had been hoping that the weather would clear up, but that was too much to ask for.

Seeing the dismal weather forecast, husband even tried to see if we could cancel our booking but it was too late for that. Left with no options, we decided to go ahead, rains or no rains. It was almost mid-day by the time we set off. The rains seemed to have eased off a bit. Just enough to let us into the car without being completely drenched.

Soon we were passing through the gorgeous landscape of Scotland. Even the weather couldn’t detract from it’s beauty. We drove by lochs, mountains,  some with gushing streams and little waterfalls.. Not the greatest of pictures, better, proper camera ones will follow once we are back home.


The greenery and the waters of the lochs make for such beautiful scenery.

Somewhere on the drive, the weather started to clear up. Gorgeous sunlight started to stream through the clouds.

We were headed to Fort William, where we had a booking for the night, but midway, decided to take a detour to Oban instead. This was again a trip where I did no research at all. Husband had been given some pointers by his colleagues, but it wasn’t much. We stopped at the tourist information centre in Oban to find out more.

We were directed to McCaig’s Tower. It was supposed to be some sort of observation point. The lady at the information centre gave us directions, and they seemed straight forward. The road how ever, well, it was straight forward, but was also super steep. Let’s just say that remember all that food we ate? We felt a wee bit less guilty after that trek. The walk up was pretty too. There were cute houses, pretty B&Bs. That certainly helped divert our attention from the steep climb.


Our first view of the tower.


Apparently, John Stuart McCaig, a weathy philanthropist banker noticed that the masons in the area had no work in the winter months. So he commissioned this tower to be built as a monument to his family. Today it houses a beautiful garden and provides the most magnificent views of the lochs.



By the time we came down the hill again, it was time to head to Fort William. The weather was beautiful. Nice and sunny, at 8 in the night.

We found our hotel easily. It was a loch facing hotel and to our surprise, our room was a loch facing one, with a wonderful view! Husband booked the hotels in a hurry. There wasn’t many to choose from, but we were lucky, I guess. Check out our view from the room.


We were completely knackered by the end of the day but wanted to make the most of the sunny weather. Who knew what the next day would hold when it came to weather? So off we went for a walk. Husband found a little path leading to the banks of the loch where daughter had the best time, collecting shells. That completed the holiday for her:) Nothing made her happier than collecting shells.

Exhausted but satisfied we returned to the hotel, ready for a night’s sleep to recharge us for the next day.

PS: Please do ignore typos and the lack of proof reading. These posts have been typed on the phone.

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